Sunday, October 18, 2009

Roach clips big hand, more on Yashica F521

Check out this page somebody on flickr dug up. Small images but shows the color processing available in the camera. Nifty.

And the Google translation is priceless: "Recently, a digital camera equipped with a rare optical viewfinder can be taken not only the naked eye gazes into the LCD monitor."

(By the way, I dig the old school strap attachments; looks like I can put one of my 1970s "hippie straps" on there.)

The specs look like what was posted earlier, no surprises there. One thing that I wonder about is whether there is any communication between lens and body, and if not, how easy it would be to transplant other lenses on there. I have a plethora of old M42, OM, Leitz etc glass that could make for an interesting marriage with the (hopefully!) somewhat crummy CMOS sensor. I did the math and at ISO 100 1/2000 top shutter speed would put us around f/4 in bright sunlight which is a little smaller aperture than the f/3 or thereabouts would yield. If we lower the base ISO a little then the 1/2000 shutter speed would be sufficient for f/3 and it would be possible to have a fixed aperture lens... time will tell.

Of course, even the widest of my glass would make for tele lenses. :)

Is November here yet?

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