Monday, October 26, 2009

"Digital Holga" closer to shipping -- update

Dirk at Japan Exposures just informed me that the Yashica F521 should start shipping from the manufacturer October 29th; this means he should have a sample to review before long. One of the things still in flux is whether the menus will be Japanese-only or multi-language. We'll know soon!

Other things I am hoping to find out is how the exposure compensation works (buttons or menus), whether the ISO is auto-only, and if it seems possible to change/modify the lens. I'd probably take a Japanese-only version if it was the only thing available -- just gotta find someone to translate the important parts. What's Japanese for "format", anyone?


Simon & Stevee said...

ounds great..I do have a good friend who grew up in Japan and is fluent in the laguage. I will get her to translate if it's needed and create a pdf for people to download.

storpotaten said...

Just posted an update above... Dirk has confirmed the menus are multi-lingual, with the initial setting being Japanese.