Friday, October 30, 2009

First Yashica F521 review is up!

Go ahead and click -- here's the first review of the new F521.

Looks like almost everything I wished for.

The one thing I hoped for that I didn't get was the exposure compensation being controlled by buttons or a dial. It appears to be menu based. Depending on how well it meters it might not be much of an issue though.

The colors look very nice and punchy (without going into oversaturated blobs like on many cheaper cameras), the dynamic range appears surprisingly wide (look at how well it holds on to highlight detail), and as I suspected from the CMOS sensor and Yashica F924 shots, it does suffer from "rolling shutter syndrome"; check out how wobbly things get when he moves the camera around!

For the money this looks like a lot of fun, and just about what many expected it to be; a cheap, quirky piece of gear with some personality.

As soon as mine arrives I will post a review of my own!


Anonymous said...

Looks like almost everything I wished for.

Did you wish for rolling shutter syndrome? :-D

storpotaten said...

Well, sort of. :-) I was hoping for some quirks and personality, and this certainly qualifies. Mine's sitting at the house waiting for me right now -- will be able to play with it tomorrow!