Monday, October 26, 2009

Found some more Yashica F924 stuff

Well, still waiting for the F521 to arrive -- from what I gather it's delayed a bit and do not currently have an ETA.

So, while waiting, here's something fun to check out that's related to it: This google translated (it gets, uh, interesting at times) blog has a fair bit of Yashica F924 stuff. I speculated earlier on the F924 sharing components with the F521, so thought it worth taking a closer look at.

The guy's blog seems to contain a fair bit of interesting information on other quirky cameras too (and not surprisingly, he has a F521 on order) -- too bad I can't read Japanese and have to rely on the highly questionable google translation of it!

By the way, I've seen the F924 for sale on ebay for under $100, so for those who aren't wanting to wait for the F521, it might be worth looking into if you want a similar "toy" digital camera.

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