Monday, October 26, 2009

But it only works on squirrels

Picked up a Canon 300/4 IS to use over the winter since IS will come in handy when the light is less than ideal. Took it out for some bird hunting with no luck.

50D, 300/4 + 1.4x, 1/30 second wide open

It seems it only works on squirrels.

Now, I like a good squirrel shot as much as anyone, but two days' effort yielded nothing but these furry-tailed rats.

Once the birds start appearing again (honestly, where are you guys?) I will evaluate how it performs compared to the 400/5.6L -- if it does well enough for birds-in-flight I will probably keep it and part with the 400/5.6 later on. Time will tell.

Until then, squirrel.


roentarre said...

Beautifully captured and presented. I love the clarity and the details from the shot

Douglas_of_Sweden said...

These are some fantastic shots! Ekorrar är inte de lättaste motiven...