Saturday, November 1, 2008

Edge sharpness of the 30/1.4 -- example

I got curious as to just how well or poorly the 30/1.4 performs along the edges. It is certainly fairly soft there when wide open, but how about stopped down? I took the pumpkin/Halloween shot below and checked it out...
..and interestingly, it performs pretty darn well! The below samples shot at f/7.1

First, the unmolested (i.e. non-HDR processed) image.

Next, a 100% crop from one side:

Bad? Not at all! While it doesn't perform quite as admirably as my 40mm Limited, I wouldn't hesitate to use this for an overall walk-around lens. As I said in an earlier post, it's nothing to be praised resolution wise when you get near the edges/corners, but neither should you heed the advice of those who claims it's so soft the edges are just wasted and unusable...

For landscapes/architectural, you might find it lacking (there's some distortion too), but for a general purpose "normal" prime it is probably pretty ideal assuming you get a good sample.

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